Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun Time With Grandma Vivian and Grammie and Grandpa

The girls and I went down to Grandma Vivian's to spend the night! We'd stay up late watching movies and "I Love Lucy," while painting our fingernails, and eating popcorn.

We had to make one stop to get Coke, Italian sodas and other snack food!
When we got there Vivian had lots of good food waiting for us. She made a German dish called Kraut Burgers.
She browned ground beef and onion, then steamed fresh cabbage over the top and laid hamburger buns on top of that. She let them steam for about two minutes. They were very good. She got the recipe from her German mother-in-law, only the original version uses fresh baked bread. We watched lots of "I love Lucy" and laughed so hard. The next day after painting our nails and playing board games, we went to this restaurant and ate outside. We all had yummy salads. Vivian and I shared a chicken Caesar and the girls shared a taco salad. I value the time shared with my mother-in-law. She is fun and has a lot to teach us and share about her heritage.
Soon it was time to go, but not before a little more fun on the stair rail. I'm so thankful my mother-in-law is still with us and can spend time with her granddaughters. The girls really enjoyed being with their Grandma Vivian. Next, we went to visit my mom and dad. We had a wonderful visit. Both Mom and Dad were feeling good. I love it that my mom "Grammie" told the girls stories about herself growing up. We all laughed so hard while hearing her tell us these stories. Mom gave the girls some wonderful books about Amish girls growing up. They are Christian romance novels. The girls loved them and look forward to reading.Dad went out and edged his lawn and then mowed it. He worked very had. His yard looks beautiful. I'm so thankful for both Grandmas and my dad Grandpa. We have much to cherish from each one of them.

"The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him." Proverbs 20:7


Brenda said...

OMG what fun.. the food looks awesome.I wanna go to Grandmas too!

Sharon said...

What a great day! You are so blessed to have Vivian in your life! She is a wonderful lady and that meal looks terrific! I would like to try that. How fun that you did "girls night" with her, I should do that with Alice!

We are both blessed to have our lovely mother and our great Daddy too! What a treasure we have!

I'm sorry you have sick children, I will pray that they get well quickly!

I love you, Sharon

Mimi said...

I can tell you from the viewpoint of a grammie...
that your visit was treasured greatly by Vivian...nothing is so wonderful as having your grand children visit and laugh and enjoy thing with you!!!

Sharon said...

One more thing about Vivian....I remember once I met her at the mall to "exchange" your kids! I think Harrison spent the nght with us and she picked was going to pick him up, so we met at a half way mark. I thought she was so cute because she got out of her car in jeans, a red jacket or top and red converse sneekers! Too cute! I remember telling her how cute she looked and that I wanted to be a grandma like her!

That's all!
Love, Sharon

jennifer said...

What wonderful visits. I'm glad you had some time with your girls. Thanks for sharing Kathi.


Heather said...

What a great time and what a blessing that your children still have their grandparents. I am so thankful that my mom and dad are still with us. They are so special to us!!

What a great post! I always love your pics:)

Love and Blessings!!!!


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