Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie Monday: I've Always Enjoyed...

"MARGIE "1946
I love this cute movie about a girl growing up in the Twenties. Her name is Margie and that is the title of the movie. This movie is sweet and innocent. She gets embarrassed, as all teen girls do. She has to wear bloomers under her skirt, which keep falling down as the elastic is broken. She's forever searching for a safety pin. The song playing on my blog right now came from this movie, here are some of the words: "A CUP OF COFFEE, A SANDWICH AND YOU. A COZY CORNER, A TABLE FOR TWO, A CHANCE TO WHISPER CUDDLE AND COO, WITH LOTS OF HUGGIN' AND KISSIN' IN YOU, I DON'T NEED MUSIC, LOBSTER OR WINE, AS LONG AS YOUR EYES LOOK INTO MINE..."
It is sung by Nick Lucas, and must have been recorded in the 1920's
Everyone in school falls in love with the new French teacher, Mr. Ralph Fontayne, including Margie. Also, the librarian, Miss Palmer has her eye on him and hopes to become Mrs. Fontayne.
Margie lives with her widowed father and grandmother. She is humiliated by the fact that her father is an under-taker, and grandmother is outspoken for women's rights. Margie is smart and on the debate team. She never feels like she is in the "In" crowd, and she feels awkward. In the end her dreams come true, as Mr. Fontayne begins to notice her. This movie is hard to find. I am not sure if it is available or not. I found mine on Ebay. I first saw it on Turner Movie Classics, about 16 years ago. I hope you've enjoyed this Monday Movie review.


Sharon said...


I LOVE that movie! You are the one who introduced it to me and you are the one that I borrow it from about once a year! Margie is such a darling charecter and it is just such a cute movie. I give you full credit for introducing me to all the cute old movies that we love like, Harvey Girls, The Major and the Minor, The Mating Season, Meet Me in St. Louis and more! The old movies just take me away to a better place.

We had such a fun time yesterday! We are so blessed to have such a loving, fun, close family. You guys didn't stay too late, we got just enough sleep! :0) Thank you for my wonderful hostess gift! I will show a picture of it on my blog later!

I love you, Sharon

Heather said...

Ah, a nice clean, good movie. So rare and hard to find in this day and age. I have never heard of Margie, but I will definitely be looking for it.

Another GREAT movie is "Imitation of Life" with Lana Turner. It's a bit of a tear jerker, but really incredible.

Have a blessed Tuesday:)


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