Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Regrets and Little Facts About Me

I have a few regrets. Awhile back I had a bad day and I hacked my hair with my sewing scissors. Have you ever done that? This is what it looked like.

My loving sister Sharon, suggested I go to a professional to get it fixed. When I was in my twenties I went to Frank, who had been to hair cutting schools in London, France, and New York. He did an excellent job. This is Frank with me in 1985.
I decided to go back to Frank, even though it took 12 weeks to get in for an appointment. He fixed my hair very well. I have been going to him since that time, about 2 years. .
On the day of my last appointment Frank got sick and cancelled. I was put on a waiting list. It's now been 16 weeks since I've been in. Yikes.
Now when I have a bad day I chop onions so people cannot see that I am crying. What pulls at your heart strings? Lots of stuff, but one thing that just gets to me is when I hear that someone, anyone, who gets a spinal cord injury and loses the use of their legs and especially both arms and legs. I can't stand it. I pray for them and think about them often. I just heard about the football player Kevin Everett. I never knew of him or heard his name before this day, but I can't stop praying for him. I did hear he is better now, thank the Lord.
Do you do dumb things? Yes all the time, I do learn though. I learned the hard way that when the gas tank gets on the 'E,' it means empty. I thank the Lord that He sent Jimmy Walker down that road, and he saw me at that exact moment. Thanks for rescuing me James. God takes care of us. He knows each sparrow that falls.

Have you ever been inside the Twin Towers? Yes, I believe it was the 84th floor of the south tower, where my brother-in-law used to work. Photobucket

Sometimes I am too trusting of people. I think everyone is good until they hurt me or prove me wrong. Other times I am intuitive, and know immediately what's up. I was watching the early morning news on 9-11-01. I saw the small amount of black smoke coming from the building, and said to my husband, "It's terrorists." He wondered how I knew. I just knew that to attack those buildings was attacking the wealth and power representing the USA.

Ever eat weird food? Well, weird to me, yes. I ate snails in Switzerland with my husband and cousin Avonna. Photobucket
Have you ever been to a Jewish Temple, had Jewish people over for dinner, and gone to their home for a meal? Yes all three. They were so much fun to be around ~ Fred and Arlene, our neighbors. They told me I was beginning to look like them and that my nose was getting larger just from hanging around them. We got to go to their daughter's Bat Mitzva. It was very special.

Have you ever been to a Muslim's home or had Muslims over for dinner? Yes, both. They were the kindest and warmest friends ~ Abdu and Farsi
I don't like being messy. I work at being tidy constantly. So why does this happen?
It should look like this:

Three more things:

1. I'm left handed. I get my right and left mixed up all the time. Why is that? But I don't ever get North, South, East or West mixed up.

2. I'm afraid of spiders. I do love the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song though, because it reminds me of me or other people who've had a difficult time, but have really really tried, and have not given up. They trust God and pray, and keep going. And like the little spider, one day they crawl back up!! Praise God.Photobucket

3. I buy vinegar by the gallon. I need it for scientific projects for the kids to mix with baking soda, cleaning wood floors, and for canning.

Well, there's a few tid bits about me. I'm thankful that although I have strange or different things about me, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God says it in His Word. I'm thankful that He can use even me to bring glory to Himself.

~Blessings~ Kathi>>


Sharon said...

Hi Kathi,

Didn't I see this on the top of your blog this morning? I thought I was going crazy and then I found it down below. I like all your interesting facts and that you are so honest. Frank has done a great job on your hair, it is so pretty!

It is easy for things to get messy, believe me, my house gets messy so fast, I feel like I am always trying to catch up. Your office looks so pretty!

I get left and right mixed up all the time, it is so embaressing! I have to stop and think okay, I am right handed that means that way is right! It is a clitch in the brain I think! I do really well with North, South, East, West too. Weird!

Have a happy day! Love Sharon

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I enjoyed my visit. And the music!

P.S. I've given my own hair a trim before also. I think I discovered that is probably why good hairdressers are worth the price and the long waiting list!!

jennifer said...

I read the comments that Sharon left - yes I AM a wee bit nosey - but it makes me wonder. Do you and she live near each other? Get to see each other much? My mother had a sister who was so important to her. They mostly maintained their relationship over the phone. They saw each other every few weeks. When my Aunt Jackie got sick with cancer and then died, it was like the sun left the world for a while. LONG healing process for all of us, must especially my mom. I have always wanted to have that relationship; Sister. You two are so blessed! Hold each other dear and never take a moment for granted. Sorry, didn't mean to be so nosey or so heavy.
OK, No. I haven't done any of that. You are just weird...HAH! Yes I have butchered my hair, and eye brows, and had to wait for it to grow. I have gotten very caught up in other peoples tragedies and it has put me LOW for a while. I have not had mulit-cultural friends, but I would. The food part would be hard because I am WAY picky. I enjoyed your post Kathi. Have a great week. Jennifer

Tanya said...

It is always nice to learn more about a person. I love your music. I like music, it makes me think more. Not sure why. I like your hair, it is very beautiful. God bless you from Tanya

jennifer said...

Left you a short reply on my comments....It really is a bright spot in my day to hear from you. You are a blessing to me Kathi and God puts people in our life whom He can bless us through. I feel accountable to people that read me. I meeasure my words and try to be a good witness for the Lord. He is so good! Jennifer

A Romantic Porch said...

So neat! I read on Sharon's blog that you are her sister! I loved your random thoughts about yourself! have a wonderful day!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I cut my own hair all the time...

I've been to the top of the World Trade Tower when I was in fifth grade...a VERY long time ago.

Cottage Contessa said...

Kathi, I've really enjoyed this post and getting to know more about you. I too have attacked my hair myself, more than once over the years, and let me just say....I am NO hairdresser! lol You always look so pretty in all your photo's. You and Sharon are both such good looking women. Must be good genes hey! Have a wonderful day sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Barbara Jacksier said...

I really enjoyed your odd and interesting assortment of facts and fancies. I can't wait for your next" tell all".


NAME: CIELO said...

Just found your blog this morning! Your story about your hair is funny, but you are beautiful anyway!

Nice meeting you.


Heather said...

Hi Kathi,

Love the facts! Especially LOVE the room. I am a self professed 'neat freak' (I'm only self professed to keep others from calling me names) and I try so hard to keep things tidy, but often, my room ends up looking like yours.

Fearfully and Wonderfully His...

the teach said...

Kathi, is it alright that I keep both your entries in the "Six-word Memoirs" contest? Because I think the one that isn't as positive is more creative and poetic: "Period: death of a dream - barren." Let me know. I'm announcing the winners on Thurs. Feb 14th. Thanks for participating. :)

the teach said...

I'm left-handed too, Kathi and get left and right mixed up too. But I give good directions and I always know where I am.

Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

Thanks so much for visiting me on my blog and I'm sorry it took awhile to make my way over to you! My blogging went on hold for a couple of weeks but now I'm back in business and making the rounds! So good to "meet" you and I loved reading all of your facts about you! Have a lovely day and God Bless!

the teach said...

KATHI, YOU ARE THE 2ND PLACE WINNER OF THE "SIX-WORD MEMOIRS" CONTEST! Come get your award at my blog. Congratulations!


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