Friday, January 4, 2008

Buy Garlic in Large Quantities

I love the taste of fresh garlic. I especially use a lot when making salsa. I have a busy life with four children and don't have the time to peel and mince it for nearly every meal. I buy this large size from Costco, but found it went bad before I used it all.
I divide up the large container and freeze some of them, while using one of the smaller ones. I never have them going bad any more. I hope this tip is helpful to some of you mothers.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the tip! What a great idea!

Love you....Shar

MyJourneyBack said...

Great tip. You will not believe I am currently as we speak dehydrating garlic. We got this amazing load of elephant garlic and it is getting close to its prime. I still have a corning pie plate full that we peeled last night waiting for the dehydrater. I will try your freezing idea. Thanks for the tip. I'll give you one in case you ever geet a huge load like I did for free! (well you probably won't but anyway) Take the clove and a big butcher knife or any knife will work but the wider the blade the better. Lay it on the counter or a cutting board. (I don't like using the counter as a cutting board. I don't know why I said that) Lay the knife flat on top of the glove and slam your hand down on it. the skin will slide off. Then take a stand up cheese grater and use the large wholes and grate the garlic. Easy, easy I love this method! Thanks again for the tip! I am off to freeze a batch.


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