Thursday, December 27, 2007

Driving the Tractor

My husband had an old tractor that quit running. He asked me to help him load it onto a trailer. He sat on the old tractor and I towed him by driving backwards and pulling him up onto the ramp with the big new tractor. I was really nervous. I had to be careful as I could not see him very well with the big bucket in front and in my way. Also I had to be careful not to hit the truck with the bucket. I leaned around so I could keep one eye under the bucket and to the side to watch his hand signals, and the other eye on the kitchen window where my five year old was sitting. We were successful and I praise God for his protection
I had not realized how close I really was to hitting the back end of our red truck with the bucket of the tractor. I am so grateful to God for helping me drive the big tractor in reverse without hitting anything. We prayed before I starting helping to pull my husband up onto the trailer, and was so glad that nothing had gone wrong, and I looked behind me and laughed as I said a prayer of thankfulness to a great big God who kept that tractor from plowing down our cute little mailbox. The tractor was just a couple of inches from it. God cares about even mailboxes. Praise God for protection and mercy. I had been so concerned about the front end I forgot to look behind me and forgot that the mailbox was even sitting there. he didn't roll off or get hurt in anyway. Thank You Lord for your protection.


Heather said...

it's nice to see you again! I'm glad everything worked out smoothly with the tractors!

onlymehere said...

I love the cute little mail box! My dad was a farmer and would have loved it too. I know that God cares about even what we deem to be the smallest things. My son has been sharing his tsunami experience with us and God was there even in the tiniest things helping these missionaries to safety. It seems insignificant to others but it really is a big thing to us. Bless you Kathi for your sweet faith.

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh wow. How great God watched over all three of you. My husband is always calling me to help with precarious stuff like that. We never stop to pray. We should.
Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Kathy,
Great to see you blogging again, I know what you were going through.I have ben there many times. And God always protected us and our things. You look great on that tractor, by the way.
Blessings, Sue


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