Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Narcissus Personality Disorder

According to Dr. Laura, there is no cure for the Narcissus personality disorder. This disease is named from the flower of the same name, which looked at itself in a pond
and thought it was the most beautiful creature, "To fall in love with its own reflection," Greek myth. I believe that Jesus Christ can cure anyone from sin, because He died on the cross and He rose the third day. Romans 5:8 ,  1 Corinthians 15:4. Jesus can transform lives. If a person wants to change and asks the Lord Jesus for help, she will be given forgiveness and the ability to look to the needs of others instead of only seeing what will nurture herself.

. Blessings, Kathi


Kim said...

How wonderful it is that we have Jesus to help us overcome sin in our lives. What a wonderful and blessed assurance.

Summer said...

Wonderful words to start the day! Thanks for sharing ♥

as always starzie said...

I've been thinking about Narcissus personality disorder a lot lately. I like to think people can change, but maybe Dr. Laura is right. I like to think I can be compassionate towards people with this disorder, but the truth is they are capable of hurting people. Some things going on right now are very dissapointing. I believe God is in charge and the right decisions will be made. Hopefully, the person that suffers with this sad disorder will have their heart open and become a better person. That's what I pray for.
Hugs from,


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